Monday, 2 December 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Collection

Hey guys! First of all I owe you all an apology for not updating in such a long time. My feeble excuse is yet again that I have been so busy since returning to Manchester and for reasons that you probably do not care about, I have basically had no free time and when I did have free time, I wanted to spend it friends etc or I was just simply too tired.
So apologies out of the way today's post has been requested by the lovely Lydia aages ago (check her blog out at here) and I thought that it was an awesome idea as I lurrve my JCs! My initial idea was to do a video but after a lot of attempts it didn't really work out (note to self: do not take up vlogging!)

so yeah, here it is, my Jeffrey Campbell collection in full:

These are the infamous Litas in Python Skin, they were a very generous gift from my mum and dad one christmas and they were the ones that kicked the whole love affair off. To say that I absolutely adore them is an understatement; everything about them is just stunning, they fit like a glove and to top it all off they are insanely comfy and easy to walk in, despite them being so high. Not gonna lie, there have been times where I've been on a night out and it got to a point where they started to really hurt my feet but that was normally due to the fact that I had spent all day on my feet anyway but most of the time you could wear them for hours and it would totally fine. I'm not sure how much they paid for these, they could have been about hundred-something dollars but I'm not 100% sure but I do know that they bought them from

These are the second pair I bought, I can't exactly remember the name of them but I know it had 'Lykke' in it, as in the singer Lykke Li but that's all I remember. I got these from and were about $199 (the week after I bought them I saw them in the sale for half price so more fool me haha *sad face*) but yeah, I absolutely love these, I thought they were a really cool take on a sort of wedged creeper and I adore the Metallic Pewter colour they're in. Again, they are super comfy and super easy to walk in, a thing I noticed about  JC shoes is that they look impossible to walk in but a lot of the time and when you put them on you are pleasantly surprised and if you are like me and hopeless in walking in heels then this is a really good thing!

Oh gawd, where do I even start with these?! these are my favourite shoes that I own and will probably ever own. They are honestly perfect. Again, I saw them around Tumblr and pretty much started saving up from the off because they were literally my dream shoes and I needed them on my feet asap! I got them from and they were about $199 but I can't remember exactly but I think now you can get them in Office and Harvey Nicks, which is luxury I didn't have when I got them so I had to pay loads for shipping and custom fees (totally worth it though). And yes, the rumours are true, the spikes are LETHAL. When I received them, I noticed that they had torn through the dust bags they came in and the box and if you're not careful, they can leave scratches on you. Also they seem to scare boys on a night out, so if you want to pull I wouldn't advise wearing them! If there's one thing I would say about them, it would be that they are slightly more awkward to walk in than my other Litas but I think that's because they are slightly too big for me, so if you're thinking of getting them, I would say to go smaller than your normal size. Also the spikes fall off quite easily but they do provide spare ones in the box when you get them.

These were a right bargain! I got them in Office and they were reduced from £130 to £27, they were the only ones left and they were in my size so I would've been stupid to not go for it. I would say that these are my go-to shoes for a night out because they are so comfy and they go with practically anything. I particularly love the metallic strip on the bottom but you do have to be careful with them because it gets damaged so easily but other than that I love them to bits!

Finally, my latest pair; these are ZOMG Flatforms, they were another bargain, they were originally £80 but I got them for £15 from a Sole Trader Outlet. Surprisingly enough, I would say that these are the least comfortable to walk in. I don't know what it is about Flatforms but I find them so weird to walk in,  I find that I forget them I'm walking in them and then my ankle randomly goes over (does anyone else find this?) and they rub an awful lot as well (yes that is my blood on the left shoe, I made the mistake of wearing them without socks for a prolonged time and yeah...) so yeah, I'm kind of disappointed with these but it the same time, I think they're so cute and I love wearing them with little dresses and shorts in the summer.

So there we have it, I tried to keep my rambling to a minimum so if there's anything that I missed out that you'd like to know then whack a comment below and I'll get back to you asap. Needless to say that any other comments, feedback, blog links, requests...blah blah blah is more than welcome as well so fire away!


  1. OMG I can't believe you got the back offs in Office for that price, actually makes me want to cry haha. I never saw those reduced! I'm forever on the JC seek & sell pages on Facebook looking for them hahaha... You have an awesome JC collection! xo xo

    1. I know I still haven't gotten over it haha! thank you darlin' :) xx