Friday, 16 May 2014

Haul: Pattern Shorts

Hello everyone! so as summer is rapidly approaching, I have started to build my summer 2k14 wardrobe and my main priorities have been shorts because last year, all I had was denim cut-off ones and since my wardrobe is pretty much and black and grey, I thought I could do with a splash of colour this year!

 ASOS Marketplace//£10

I got these gorgeous handmade shorts from ASOS Marketplace (can't remember the name of the boutique, sorry!) for a steal of £10. I was under the impression that these were tailored shorts but they're more casual with an elasticated waist, which is fine by me  as they're good for wearing round the house or on the beach. I think my favourite aspect of these is the pattern, it's really unique yet bang on trend.

Primark// £10

Yet another bargain here...these were a random pair that I found on the way to the fitting rooms in Primark that happened to be in my size (how great is it when that happens??)  so naturally,  I had to try them on. I adore the loose fit on these because it makes it feel like you're wearing a floaty skirt as opposed to a pair of shorts which is what you want on a warm day in the summer. I can't wait to team these with some crop tops!

£19//Lily Vintage in Chester

I got these as part of a two piece from my local vintage store (the other part is a crop top with the same pattern). It was on one of the mannequins in the window and I just had to have it. They probably cost slightly more then what I would usually pay (the whole ensemble came to about £36) but I love them to bits and I can definitely see myself wearing them a lot this summer.

Feel free to leave comments and such below, lots of love

Monday, 2 December 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Collection

Hey guys! First of all I owe you all an apology for not updating in such a long time. My feeble excuse is yet again that I have been so busy since returning to Manchester and for reasons that you probably do not care about, I have basically had no free time and when I did have free time, I wanted to spend it friends etc or I was just simply too tired.
So apologies out of the way today's post has been requested by the lovely Lydia aages ago (check her blog out at here) and I thought that it was an awesome idea as I lurrve my JCs! My initial idea was to do a video but after a lot of attempts it didn't really work out (note to self: do not take up vlogging!)

so yeah, here it is, my Jeffrey Campbell collection in full:

These are the infamous Litas in Python Skin, they were a very generous gift from my mum and dad one christmas and they were the ones that kicked the whole love affair off. To say that I absolutely adore them is an understatement; everything about them is just stunning, they fit like a glove and to top it all off they are insanely comfy and easy to walk in, despite them being so high. Not gonna lie, there have been times where I've been on a night out and it got to a point where they started to really hurt my feet but that was normally due to the fact that I had spent all day on my feet anyway but most of the time you could wear them for hours and it would totally fine. I'm not sure how much they paid for these, they could have been about hundred-something dollars but I'm not 100% sure but I do know that they bought them from

These are the second pair I bought, I can't exactly remember the name of them but I know it had 'Lykke' in it, as in the singer Lykke Li but that's all I remember. I got these from and were about $199 (the week after I bought them I saw them in the sale for half price so more fool me haha *sad face*) but yeah, I absolutely love these, I thought they were a really cool take on a sort of wedged creeper and I adore the Metallic Pewter colour they're in. Again, they are super comfy and super easy to walk in, a thing I noticed about  JC shoes is that they look impossible to walk in but a lot of the time and when you put them on you are pleasantly surprised and if you are like me and hopeless in walking in heels then this is a really good thing!

Oh gawd, where do I even start with these?! these are my favourite shoes that I own and will probably ever own. They are honestly perfect. Again, I saw them around Tumblr and pretty much started saving up from the off because they were literally my dream shoes and I needed them on my feet asap! I got them from and they were about $199 but I can't remember exactly but I think now you can get them in Office and Harvey Nicks, which is luxury I didn't have when I got them so I had to pay loads for shipping and custom fees (totally worth it though). And yes, the rumours are true, the spikes are LETHAL. When I received them, I noticed that they had torn through the dust bags they came in and the box and if you're not careful, they can leave scratches on you. Also they seem to scare boys on a night out, so if you want to pull I wouldn't advise wearing them! If there's one thing I would say about them, it would be that they are slightly more awkward to walk in than my other Litas but I think that's because they are slightly too big for me, so if you're thinking of getting them, I would say to go smaller than your normal size. Also the spikes fall off quite easily but they do provide spare ones in the box when you get them.

These were a right bargain! I got them in Office and they were reduced from £130 to £27, they were the only ones left and they were in my size so I would've been stupid to not go for it. I would say that these are my go-to shoes for a night out because they are so comfy and they go with practically anything. I particularly love the metallic strip on the bottom but you do have to be careful with them because it gets damaged so easily but other than that I love them to bits!

Finally, my latest pair; these are ZOMG Flatforms, they were another bargain, they were originally £80 but I got them for £15 from a Sole Trader Outlet. Surprisingly enough, I would say that these are the least comfortable to walk in. I don't know what it is about Flatforms but I find them so weird to walk in,  I find that I forget them I'm walking in them and then my ankle randomly goes over (does anyone else find this?) and they rub an awful lot as well (yes that is my blood on the left shoe, I made the mistake of wearing them without socks for a prolonged time and yeah...) so yeah, I'm kind of disappointed with these but it the same time, I think they're so cute and I love wearing them with little dresses and shorts in the summer.

So there we have it, I tried to keep my rambling to a minimum so if there's anything that I missed out that you'd like to know then whack a comment below and I'll get back to you asap. Needless to say that any other comments, feedback, blog links, requests...blah blah blah is more than welcome as well so fire away!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bedroom Tour

Hi guys! as you can tell I'm pretty stuck on what I want to post about lately, so I thought I would do a Bedroom Tour because I do love my room and I thought I would show it off a bit :) I would say that my taste in homeware is very vintage and girly, unlike my taste in clothes which I think is quite boyish. I love lots of floral patterns, pastel colours. I'm also a sucker for fairy lights, I love how they make a room look so tranquil and as soon as I switch them on I instantly relax.  I'd say that about 70% of my room is Ikea; all my furniture is from there, my bed linen and cushions are from there and the odd decorative thing like fairy lights, candles and photo frames as well. 

As my budget is quite limited and I have a taste for vintage things, I tend to look for knick knacks to decorate my room with in Antique and Charity Shops because you get them for a good price and it's stuff that is very unique. I saw this gorgeous black, oriental-style vase in the window of  a Help The Aged store in my local town and it was £10 so I just had to have it! I love it because it fits perfectly into my room with the colours and the style. However, my most favourite find in my room are these framed rose postcards which I got from an antique store in Germany (the frames I got from Ikea). There was a huge basket full of these old postcards with roses on and Roses are my favourite flowers. I think my favourite thing about these little postcards is the fact that a couple of them have messages on the back where people have been writing to loved ones which is so cute and an amazing bit of history in my own room.

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a huge shoe freak and I have a fairly big shoe collection. The majority of my shoes are either lined up by my bedroom door or stuffed in my wardrobe but I keep my more expensive shoes and my favourite ones on this shelving unit because a) I don't want to ruin them and b) they're quite visually pleasing, particularly my Jeffrey Campbell ones and it would be a shame to keep them piled up in a wardrobe.

Perfumes: Guilty by Gucci // Daisy by Marc Jacobs // Fame by Lady GaGa // Love by Body Shop

I would say my dressing table is an 'organised mess', since I use it a lot to get ready it's quite hard to keep it tidy but I do try my best :) To decorate I use my jewellery, perfumes and candles along with empty perfume and liqueur bottles and anything else I can't find a place for. My favourite thing on here has got to be this Skull Money Box I got from Urban Outfitters, which was pretty reasonably pricing at £15 (well for Urban Outfitters anyway). I think it makes a good centre piece and it gives a nice gothic touch to my otherwise girly room.

So that was my room, I really do love it and I'm so happy to share it with you :) In other news, I have changed the design of my blog slightly, I'm pretty happy with it considering my HTML skills are pretty limited and you may have noticed got myself an Instagram stream as well! So as always, comments and links to your blogs are always welcome and I always do my best to check them out :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Brand Love: 80's Purple

Hi everyone, I wish I had a valid reason for not blogging in such a long time but the truth is that I've just been a lazy bum and for that, you have my most sincere apology. So with apologies out of the way,  I would like to share this cute little online boutique I came across a little while ago. It's called 80's Purple and it's an online boutique hailing from California that offers products from independent designers and bigger brands like Stussy, OBEY, UNIF and Wildfox Couture. I think what appealed to me the most is that I am always on the hunt for obscure online boutiques and I'm also a sucker for Californian style. I must admit that the prices are probably more than what most people in my position would pay for with items ranging (on average) from about $40 to $150, give or take. However, the hefty prices haven't stopped me from browsing and making a mental wishlist for in the unlikely event where I have that money to splash. See below on what I had my eye on.

For Love and Lemon's LuLu Dress in Stars and Stripes: $109 // UNIF Hotmes Tank Top: $61 // Necklace by Low Luv (top): $60 // Necklace by Stussy (bottom): $32 // Spikey Desert Boots by Obey: $141 // Open-back Dress by Stussy: $50 // Hawaiian Tank Top and matching shorts by Stussy: Top, $46 and Shorts, $42.

All images are credited to 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit: Denim Pinafore

Denim Pinafore: Primark // Cropped Band T-Shirt: Vintage // Gladiator Sandals: ASOS // Head Chain: Claire's Accessories // Necklace: Republic //

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, I have actually decided to not be lazy and do two outfit posts in a row! This is to showcase another bargain I found the other week, which is this super cute pinafore I found in Primark and seeing as it was from Primark, it was a steal at £12. I wanted a pinafore for my holiday but didn't find one that I liked in my price range but about a week after I came home, I found this one. How I've styled it here is how I would have probably worn it on holiday but  I would also wear it with an AA Crop Top and my Converse Allstars. I also absolutely adore this Head Chain I found in Claire's Accessories for £3.50. I never really pay attention to Claire's as I've always written it off as a store for tweens but if you look beyond the tacky emo jewellery and the Hello Kitty stick on nails, you actually find some cute things for a good price!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Outfit: Topshop Jersey

Speckled Jersey Tunic: Topshop // Converse Hightops: Schuh // Hat: Primark // Necklace: Republic //
So I am continuing my latest fad of dressing like a more mature version of my 7-year-old self. I have had my eyes on this tunic for a while as I thought that it's a good staple piece for the next couple of seasons. I eventually managed to get my mits on it in the Topshop sale for a cool £20. Teaming it up with this cap from primark as it gives a 90's twist on a comfy, every day summer outfit. For the autumn, I'm thinking of teaming it with a checkered blouse or khaki jacket with black tights and black boots.

In other news, I am toying with the idea of doing Hauls and things like that in videos that but I'm not sure if it's a good idea as I haven't got that many readers on here yet, so puh-leease let me know if it's something that you guys would like to see on here! And don't forget to leave comments with ideas of posts you would like to see on here as I'm still pretty new to this and I get 'bloggers-block' a lot.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio

Despite being a dedicated Topshop customer, I've never really payed much attention to their cosmetics for some reason. I've bought some nail polishes because they do some really nice shades but I was slightly disappointed with the quality for what I had paid. So yesterday I was out shopping and I was looking for a new red lippy as I have lost what seems like my ten millionth red lipstick this year and my friend recommended the Topshop selection. I got my hands on this one for £8 (expensive compared to what you get in Boots but a lot cheaper than the likes of MAC or Benefit) and it's really good quality; it gives this gorgeous, velvety matte finish but it doesn't dry your lips out and it stays on really well. I would say the shade is a 'perfect red' not too deep but not too bright so it's perfect for both casual and formal looks. I would also like to point out that in typical Topshop style, the packaging is super cute!