Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit: Denim Pinafore

Denim Pinafore: Primark // Cropped Band T-Shirt: Vintage // Gladiator Sandals: ASOS // Head Chain: Claire's Accessories // Necklace: Republic //

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, I have actually decided to not be lazy and do two outfit posts in a row! This is to showcase another bargain I found the other week, which is this super cute pinafore I found in Primark and seeing as it was from Primark, it was a steal at £12. I wanted a pinafore for my holiday but didn't find one that I liked in my price range but about a week after I came home, I found this one. How I've styled it here is how I would have probably worn it on holiday but  I would also wear it with an AA Crop Top and my Converse Allstars. I also absolutely adore this Head Chain I found in Claire's Accessories for £3.50. I never really pay attention to Claire's as I've always written it off as a store for tweens but if you look beyond the tacky emo jewellery and the Hello Kitty stick on nails, you actually find some cute things for a good price!


  1. This looks great! Want to get my hands on one of these denim pinafores and that's a good price :)

    And wow I had almost forgotten about Claires. I remember being 12 and buying all the pink skull things haha. I'll have a little look in there soon me thinks!

    Jen x

    1. Haha same, Anything with skulls or those colourful jelly bracelet things, I had loads of them! x

  2. oh god Claires was my life when I was younger, went back in the other day and they had some really nice pieces! love how you've styled and accessorized this, great style xo

    1. Thank you :) I love your blog as well! xx

  3. Ooo that headchain is gorgeous. Love a bit of Claires

    Kylie // lazy2lovely

  4. Love the pinafore, can't believe you had it from primark, purely because Im in there all the time and I haven't seen it haha

    I’ve given my blog a bit of a redesign, please come and check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think!.



  5. Love the pinafore, its a great alternative to dungarees!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend xoxo

  6. I love your head chain so much, can't believe it's from claires! I've been wanting one for ages but debating it cos I think it'll look silly over my fringe :/
    Really love your blog, followed you on blog lovin :)


  7. Your headpiece is amazing girl!

    Sade xo