Monday, 24 June 2013

What have I been up to lately?

Shopping in the Trafford Centre// Holiday Purchases (Floral Bikini is £39 from American Apparel, Black Bikini is £10 from H&M//Drunken Antics at surprise cocktail party// Menu from Cocktail Party//

Summer 2013 is proving to be pretty awesome so far I've had a lot of partying, barbecues, days out, shopping and a teeny tiny bit of sunbathing. Just how summer should be. Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a cocktail party thrown for me; it was like a belated 21st as I wasn't able to celebrate it with a lot of my friends because I was in Manchester. Anyway, me and Gemma went to the Trafford Centre for the day to do a spot of holiday shopping, while we were out Gemma suggested that she would drop me off at mine and we would go get a chinese and I agreed then suggested that we make an evening of it and invite the others and have a few drinks as well. So when I got home, I was anticipating a quiet night in with the others with a take away and a few beers. WRONG. I walked into my house to find a sea of One Direction Masks looking at me (which was hands down one of the strangest moments of my life), only to find out that all my friends were behind them, some I haven't seen since school. So everything from that moment on got pretty messy as you can see from the picture above, the eagle-eyed of you would realise that it isn't actually Zayn I'm giving a peck on the cheek to, it's actually my friend Pete. Unfortunately Zayn couldn't make it but I think Pete is just as good.

So it turns out that my mum and my friends have been planning this little bash for months. Mental. I am one incredibly lucky lady though.

Things I have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks is moving into my new place in Manchester and the jetting off to Portugal, which I am v. v. excited about!

any exciting plans for you lot coming up?

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